We are Happy that the Password System introduced by us for protecting the Data against Misuse & Frauds has been well appreciated & welcomed by our clients.

For the Benefit of our clients, we furnish below, certain clarifications for its proper usage, based on our Experience.

1. After Opening our Website, you will find a “Login” Button in Green Colour in the Home Page, Right Hand Top corner. Once you click the button, you will find a Drop Down Box seeking your User ID & Password.

2. User ID & Password are advised to you by us through SMS and E-mail when the profiles are posted in the website. Regarding User ID it is the same as Registration Number.There will be no change in the Password on Renewal. You can use the New Registration Number or the Old one as User ID.

3. While entering the User ID, it is enough if you mention the Number only as “125642” etc.

4. Once you make a Login successfully with Regn. Number & Password, the Login will be changed as “My Account”. Apart from enabling you to see your profile, “My Account” will carry details of all the profiles chosen by you as well, without duplications.

5. After Login, you can start selection of profiles by clicking “Profiles/Photos” column. As you are aware, we have provided filteration option also. Latest profiles will appear in the Top.

6. Though initially we sanction a limit of 100 profiles, you can seek our sanction for further numbers after exhausting the limit. The restriction is made only to ensure proper usage.

7. In case Password is not-working properly, you can take up the matter with us immediately over phone for necessary rectification / clarification.

8. The common reason for non working can be mistaking the Alphabets for numbers or vice versa like in the case of Alphabet O as Zero, I as One etc. Another reason could be due to your using Old version of Internet Explorer, In which case you have to go for latest version by downloading.

9. The initial Password given by us can be changed by you in any manner and at any time as per your choice in Alpha, Numeric or Both. Number of characters is restricted to Minimum 6 and Maximum 12.

10. Passwords are intended for your use only and must not be passed on to other clients along with Registration Numbers.

11. In case of change of password, you must ensure to keep your close relatives informed of the change to enable them to have the access without taking up the matter with us.

12. Better to keep the Password recorded in your Diary or somewhere to have ready access if need be.

13. In case of forgetfulness you can get the access by clicking Login and then pressing “Forgot Password” in the Drop Down box. The Password will be automatically sent to your Mail ID. Alternatively you can seek our help also.

14. To conclude, the system is very simple and you can get accustomed to its usage very easily. Please ensure Timely Renewal to avoid withdrawal of Password facility which is automatic after one week from the due date and then followed by Removal of Profile.

We seek your kind Co-operation & continued Patronage and assure you of our Best Services always!

With Kind Regards & Best Wishes,

N. PANCHAPAKESAN, Founder, Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials
Cell : 98403 30531

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