Dear Clients,

I refer my last E-Message 69 dated 11-7-2016 on the subject of Clarification on my Message on Swathi’s Episode wherein I had highlighted on the steps to be taken for prevention of Inter-Caste Marriages on a War-footing basis on the following lines.

1. Need for Inculcating Brahminical Values right from Childhood.

2. Importance of ensuring timely marriage for Brides (By accepting other subsects also, avoiding too much of filteration etc.)

3. Parents to set an example for youngsters !

I am very much delighted over the tremendous response from Hundreds of our clients expressing their total agreement & solidarity in the matter. Some of the essential points from such Feedback are listed in the end.

As you may observe my Article was focusing only on Preventions rather than cure. Once such things happen it is for the Families concerned to decide on further course of action. Some may not mind such Happenings at all, with cosmopolitan or very Broad Outlook! Some may resent initially, but accept over a period of Time. Some may view the issue very seriously and discard the relationship once for all, as a matter of principle.

Likewise performance of such marriages also may differ. It may be according to the Tradition of Bride side, Groom Side or both. Similarly some may go in for simple marriage or Registered Marriage while some may do it grandly as usual!

In my opinion it is better to persuade the Bride against such decisions strongly if it is the initial stage. Where the girl is quite keen and it becomes inevitable, it is better to accept it as a part of Reality & Fate, while expressing our unhappiness. In any case there is no point in compelling them beyond a point and forcing them to accept a person of our choice in which case it may even result in ‘Divorce’ resulting in unpleasant consequences for everyone!

Likewise, I also feel it is better to perform such Marriages in a very simple manner!

In spite of the growing Trend Towards “Ultra Modern Culture” I am happy that still majority of our Brahmin Girls prefer to marry only Brahmin Boys with the Blessings of Parents & Elders. They are also keen in bringing up their children with values. Kudos to them! I am also further Happy in sharing with you that we are instrumental for at least more than 50000 weddings over the past 25 years and many marriages are getting settled almost Daily resulting in further growth of our Brahmin Families! With all your Good wishes and continued support, I am confident of ensuring more and more Marriages in the days to come!

Let us march ahead in the Journey of Life with cheers & optimism following Baba’s Golden Words “Love All Serve All, Help Ever, Hurt Never! Let us also read and preserve the volumes of “Deivathin Kural” of Maha Periyava! in all our Households to strengthen our Belief & conviction. To conclude, I feel we can be Modern enough to cope up with the changing scenario and at the same time preserve & cherish our Basic values of Tradition Too!

With Kind Regards & Best Wishes,

N. PANCHAPAKESAN, Founder, Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials

Feedback at a Glance !

1. “Thank you very much for the write-up…. Timely and need of the hour…” – Srinivas Prasad

2. “I Totally agree with your views” – R.D. Moorthi

3. “Each of your observations bears the rich awareness of happenings around us especially Brahmin community. As you rightly pointed out, I am afraid that Brahmin community may become an extinct sect and may remain in our history books. There is no harm to claim a sense of belonging to a community as we take pride in calling our self an Indian.” – Vaideeswaran

4. “Go ahead and do your duty. Don’t worry about the criticism, when there is a caste based politics and quota system exist. Nothing wrong in calling ourselves as Brahmins as we are born in that caste.” – A.C. Balasubramanian

5. “I accept all the comments you had mentioned in the email as well as timely marriage of Brides and other things. You have been extending excellent service to the Brahmin Community and it should continue for long.” – Sriguhan.

6. “In my honest Opinion. I vote for your views” – Narasimha

7. “I fully endorse your views” – N.R. Narayanan

8. “I agree 100% with your thoughts” – Vijaya Kumar

9. “I really welcome this sort of approach. Someone elder like you to come out and educate the present generation.” – RK

10. “Your words are an eye opener for all and not for one community alone. Those who want to follow your advice let them follow.” – Radhakrishnan

11. “It is 100% correct. I fully agree with your views.” – Vidyasankar

12. “I read both your mails and felt like an advice from a matured father to his children. I appreciate you for taking this daring step.” – Meera Sridhar

13. “Sir, a brilliant article. Speaks volume in simple small words.” – Kannan

14. “Sir, It is a timely advice not only for Brahmins but for the whole community.” – R. Venkataraman.

15. “You have said well. I understand your concern for our community.” – T.S. Gopalakrishnan

16. “The Views put forth by you seem to be applicable to all Indians in particular and hence you need not have even an iota or doubt whether you have wronged a section of our people. I am reminded of the adage you cannot please all the people all the time, and if someone is offended there is no need for you to issue anymore clarifications.” – A.N. Ravi

17. “Many thanks for your valuable mail with suggestion” – S.Kumar

18. First of all, youngsters should feel that “end of their education is true or good character” instead of modern outlook and things like that.

19. “I really appreciate your stand and I am glad you have replied back and made everyone understand what exactly you mean.”

20. “Marriage of one’s children are matters of utmost privacy and the parents should have a definite say in the matter. I hope and wish that your clarification will dampen the criticism sufficiently” – Mohan Narayanan

21. “You have rightly mentioned that Brahmins are different, also we have our right to be united and should be” – Sitaraman Iyer

22. “God is Great. The Community will rise. We will have to safe guard and support the Good people”. – Nagarajan

23. “You have every right to give guidance as an elderly person. Keep writing such useful messages.” – R. Seshadri

24. “I really appreciate your kind advice and every parent with his child and take sathia pramanam” – Jeyarama Krishnan

25. “We completely respect your views.” – Vijayakumar

26. “There cannot be any more views than what you had expressed.” I do advocate no JATHI, but KULA comes by birth only” – Mani

27. “Thoughts expressed were very precise and open minded. As a community we have our own principles and tradition and it is our important duty to impart these to our children. Your guidance to youngsters are valuable.” – Balasubramanian

28. “I fully agree with you in this matter. It is high time for all of us to protect the vaidika dharma”. – Veeraraghavan

29. “The message from all of our Heart. Very Practical Indeed.” – Chandrasekar

30. “I fully agree with your thinking” – Balasubramanian

31. “Very Bold, Clear and Excellent Expression” – Rajagopalan

32. “Once again you proved the man who can call a spade a spade. Extremely happy atleast someone raising this issue in public forum.”

33. “Your concern for maintaining the Brahminical ethos is well understood by many like me.” – Ganpat

34. “I Fully accept your thought and right language to advice. Keep sending the message at least” – Lakshmikanth

35. “We should sincerely follow Brahminism till the end of life” – Muthuramasubramanian

36. “will implement the same” – Uma

37. “I think in Brahmins culture there is lot of rules and regulations for only boys” – R. Balaji

38. “I totally acknowledge your views. Thanks for your selfless service”. – Jayanthi Sridharan

39. “As a Hindu / Brahmin your comments is a worthful one” – Pitchumani

40. “The entire version is absolutely correct. We are happy at least now we have people like you to communicate such sensitive issues” – Muthulakshmi Hariharan.

41. “We are also liberal with our childrens, we become selfish, we are not raising voice if anything happens to our peoples.” – Appu Viswanathan

42. “It was a very timely infused advice on all segments of our community …” – Raghavan

43. “Youngsters in the ambit of modernization and liberalization think they are with the changing environment but are sadly wrong. The sancity of our community is slowly waning.” – Sridharan

44. “Sir, fully endorse your views. Let our wards vow that their marriage is within our community only”. – Ganapathy sankaran

45. “Thanks for the message and views expressed. Never mind the negative comments. After all they come from people who don’t have enough experience and maturity. They will realize the truth only when they grow up.” – D. Varadarajan

46. “I do agree 100% of your earlier views and the above one also” – Gopalakrishnan .R

47. “Well said in a crisp manner. So far I have not heard any single incident of caste war between Brahmins and other castes whereas caste wars are happening even today between other castes only”. – V. Chandrasekhar

48. “I fully agree with your views. It’s high time we correct our thoughts and teach our Tradition and the real essence of Brahminical culture to our children and make them understand the benefits of following our proven trusted methods of selecting life partner. We don’t preach other caste or community to follow our tradition. Same way others need not worry about our principle and interfere in our custom and tradition”. – Madhavan

49. “Pranam to your Great Services” – Muralikandan

50. “I am with you sir. Just don’t care about the views of the so called “Modern People”. They don’t understand the importance of your views.” – Manjunath .N

51. “Well said sir, U have all rights to give your opinion and comments on social happenings.”

52. “I totally agree with what you have written. I live in Boston USA and I have a 34 year old daughter and we are trying our best to get married soon” – Seshan Subramanian

53. “What you said is 100% okay to me Sir” – Rajam .K

54. “The astrologers are also playing well in confusing the parents” – Vasan

55. “I agree cent percent with you” – Sridharan .M

56. “Words are not sufficient to express my feelings on your post with regard to the “Swathi” episode. Each and every word you have written are true and deserve to be converted in to Golden Scripts” – Iyer
57. “Your message is a clear analysis of all the causes that led to this type of incidents that often happen. In every forums and meetings of our community it must be the priority to convey the message. Only then the girls and boys of our community will be safe. Most important is we all should take pledge that we do not allow inter caste marriages. Our girl and boy should choose their life partners from our community only. It is he need of the hour. Only then as you said, the purpose of Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials Bureau will get succeeded” – Venkatachalam.

58. “This message is very relevant today and if you read, you will understand how important it is”.

59. “I am extremely grateful, for your thread-bare analysis of the life pattern the young generation and the concerned have adopted progressively. The young generation has got to accept that the responsibility / decision making does not vest with those who enjoy financial independence”. – A. Srinivasan

60. “Heartfelt congratulations on your write up on Swati’s episode. You have poured all the things which were alarmingly brooding and disturbing in every Brahmin parents minds”. – Chandrasekaran .S

61. “Your editorial is too meaningful and in depth. Like you said, it is Brahmin girls who are tempted to elope with other religious boys. We will have to blame ourself for this tragedy that earlier, the Brahmin girls were married at an early age” – Ananthanarayanan Viswanathan

62. “Let the email be an eye opener for all prospective brides and bridegrooms.” – A.Viswanathan.

63. “Your exhaustive advice to educated & employed girls were excellent. The parents have no control over their daughters…” – S. Thirumalai.

64. “Your advice is to the younger generation of the Brahmin community girls and boys to be taken as golden advice”

65. “I fully endorse your views which are very appropriate in the present context and consistent with the thoughts of all right thinking Brahmins. The concepts of ‘liberalism’, ‘cosmopolitan’, ‘broad-minded’, etc are thoroughly mis-interpreted by pseudo-intellectuals, resulting in the erosion of our glorious culture. In our Society, culture is closely inter wined with caste and if we want to preserve our noble culture which strikes a harmonious balance between spiritualism and materialism and also patronizes our divine arts, it is absolutely necessary to preserve our caste intact and this applies to every caste which has its own unique culture! It is only with this view that our elders strictly adhered to confining matrimonial relationships within the respective communities and there is no question of superiority or inferiority involved in this system. It is high time the pseudo-intellectuals and budding intellectuals understand this and realize their duty in protecting the integrity of our community. Those who marry outside their communities are traitors! On behalf of all right-thinking Brahmins, I thank you for your timely message of wisdom and request you to continue this service in the interest of our community. I pray Lord Ranganatha to bless you with a long and healthy life.” – PV Ramachandran

66. “Your words and feelings on Brahmanism and on our Community is true. I too felt to share such words to all, but I don’t know how But this message speaks my words” – Sumathi

67. “As a parent, I fully endorse your views. Please always share your thoughts.” – Sampath Kumar .V.S

68. “Well Drafted. No wonder that you heard dissenting voice for your mail. We are proud, in spite of such negative response from some you stuck to your views without offending others which I am sure well taken by majority of parents!” – Lakshminarayanan

69. “Both appeals are super and nice to our Community” – G. Murugan

70. “Very well said sir, Accepting other caste people as friends or bosses is welcome but not as relatives. We need to maintain our individuality and that is why we have a tradition of gothrams and by this we maintain the continuity of our gene system” – S. Krishnan

71. “As we care for our family, we care for the house, the street, the town, the city and the nation. Equally important are our caste, community and religion. Continue your trade against community bashing coming both from within and outside. At least let few of the future generation understand that there existed people with wisdom and sense of pride on community matters. – N.Raghavan

72. “Well said and it should be adhered by us in letter and spirit” – G. Chandrasekharan

73. “I totally agree with you, But for all that is happening to our Brahmin community is because of our own making. In other communities inter-caste marriages are considered as sin and they stoop down to any level in preventing them. In Brahmin community such things do not happen and are taken lightly without even a protest. Our community should impose strict ban on such inter-caste marriages. We need to spread this messages across to all section of our community and a consistent and coordinated efforts by community leaders is necessary to bring about the much needed change in our attitude”. – K.S. Balasubramanian

74. “A beautiful article, Like the wood in the axe that helps to destroy the forests, it is our own children who ruin our identity. Lack of unanimity among us is the foremost to make us a vanishing breed”. – V. Parameswaran.

75. “You are 100% right in advising Today’s youngsters.” – Jayasankar

76. “It is thought provoking message on Sow. Swathi… and it is a good whip you had given to the parents and the girls of our community” – Lakshmi Narasimhan

77. “I am very much impressed with your views on this subject. Your concern for ensuring continuity of Brahmin Genetics for at least some more generations to come is genuine and must be accepted by all of us. Nowadays (3Es), education, employment, economic independence help our youngsters to do what they think, ignoring the advice and suggestions of elders either parents or guardians. This is also evident in their decisions when they choose their life partners”. – Venkatachalam
The List goes on….