Brahminical Values

Appeal To Brides !

I refer my last web message No: 27 on Brahminical Values & Prevention of Inter-Caste Marriages dt 14-07-2016, Wherein I have shared gist of various responses received from our clients. I am very happy in sharing with you some more sample responses down below. I am very much thankful to each and every one of you for expressing your solidarity and concern in this matter.

As already stated, I always carry high regard and appreciation for our Brahmin Brides for their Smartness & Talents. Unlike in the past, most of them support their parents and Husband as well through their career without minding the enormous stress involved ! Kudos to them indeed ! Still I would like to make a Special Appeal to them regarding Marriage out of my genuine interest in their welfare.


1. Like career, Marriage is also equally important. Get married well in Time, unless you have compelling reasons otherwise !

2. Unlike in the case of Boys, you have enormous choices in our caste itself to suit your preference. Hence no need for searching outside !

3. Avoid being Too choosy! Give importance for Qualities, Character & Family Heritage etc. rather than photo, Monetary aspects & Qualification alone, though they are also equally important.

4. Do communicate to parents openly, if you have someone in your mind, instead of keeping it in suspense till the last minute & causing embarrassment for one & all.

5. Do not restrict the age difference to 2 or 3. You can very well agree for at least upto 5 Years to have wider choice. (5 Yrs. Will not lead to generation gap!)

6. Develop your interest for knowing more & more about our Traditions. By doing so, you can not only get inspired, but also can pass it on to your children & others too, easily & nicely.

7. Make your parents Happy & Proud by the way you lead your family life.

8. Develop your self-restraint to face the Temptations & challenges. Let your intellect (6th Sense) control your Mind. Let your Mind (Thoughts) control your senses. Let your conscience be the Guiding Force ! Remember the song “Kan Pona Pokkile Kaal Pogalaama? Kaal Pona Pokkile Manam Pogalaama?….”

9. Friendship is Different from Marriage. Be like a Fire when it comes to Moral Values !

10. Do always remember you belong to a great Heritage which you cannot afford to miss at any cost !

Most of the contents stated above are equally applicable to Grooms Too! As Lord Krishna Tells in Bhagawat Geetha to Arjuna, keeping up & following the Swadharma is the duty of Everyone!

In spite of the fast changing scenario in the Environment, I am confident that we can still maintain our Basic Brahminical Swadharma, if we have the Conviction, Commitment & Will Power!

Manamirundhal Margamundu! Let us all Ponder over !

With Kind Regards & Best Wishes,

N. PANCHAPAKESAN, Founder, Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials

Feedback at a Glance! – Vol-2

78. “Sir, Your advice to the young generation & Parents are indeed valuable” – Raghunathan

79. “Early Marriage is always good for all” – N.G.Sampathkumar

80. “We should encourage more girl birth and not differentiate between a boy and girl” – Venkatakrisnan

81. “The Community has become too money minded. I doubt if this community will survive as one in even the next century.” – Subramanian

82. “Your Message is timely and useful to all” – R.Rajamani

83. “Astrology is considered as science based on mathematical calculations. But different astrologers predict different predictions / versions. It is the most confusing aspect than other aspects. This is the main reason for the delay in matching despite all other aspects are agreeable by both side these type of intermediaries confusing. I feel this is inevitable evil” – V.Kameswaran

84. “Your messages are thought provoking and need of the hour. In the pretext of progressive thinking Brahmin community is ruining themselves. Your messages are eye opener. Somebody has to bell the cat. Kudos to your bold initiative. I pray the Almighty that you should continue your good work to the community.” – Seshadri .T

85. “Views need to be supported by all right thinking Brahmins” – Arunachalam

86. “Excellent… Pls keep sending these type of messages. Your views are from many true Brahmin souls … No caste is ready to give up their pride for others … why should we …” – Sundaram Shankaranarayan

87. “Please keep giving such advices as frequently as possible or at regular intervals. Our memories are very short! If such advices could wake up at least even 10% of the readers, would be very happy.” – Sridhar

88. “My daughter is professional degree holder MBA and topper in her college. She had worked with MNC already. Now looking for new job. Now issue is all the parents of boys are asking for job where if I tell she will go for job for sure they are not considering at all. I feel its reason for marriage dragging. They are for name sake telling ready to simple marriage and blaw blaw, but not at all they are accepting this small thing” – Muthuraman

89. “The feedback from the clients are really encouraging and nice, thus proving once again that people at large want someone to start a campaign for same caste marriage, early marriage. Your sincerity and interest in the community’s welfare and progress is really appreciated by one and all” – Ram Sekar

90. “Besides value and our special cultural education to children it is necessary to make them understand that every individual has an obligation to the community in which he was born” – P R Ramaswamy

91. “As per Abraham Lincoln Former President of the United States of America, ‘ The aim of Democracy is to find Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity. Let people know that in ‘INTER CASTE MARRIAGES’, the succeeding Generations suffer. This has happened actually in Many Cases I have seen and also many of such marriages end in DIVORCE. Also the main reason for ‘ INTER CASTE MARRIAGES’ is our TV Serials and Movies”. – B. Ramachandran.

92. “Unless our Brahmin boys and girls understand fully the importance of Brahminical values, inter-caste marriages cannot be avoided.” – Venkataraman Subramanian

93. “I agree with you 100% … it is high time now & 50:50 responsibility (parents & their children) to do justice to our community”. – Srividhya .B
The list goes on….