Demonitisation! A Great Indian Revolution!

  • It was around 8.00 pm. on 8th November 2016 when P.M. Modi announced his Govt’s Historic decision for demonetising 500 & 1000 currency notes with immediate effect. It was a great Surprise & Shock as well for almost everyone!
  • Thanks to the Media – TV, Newspapers, Periodicals, Whatsapp, YouTube etc. all of us are well informed about the issue in detail. Arguments are going on both for and against, inside and outside the Parliament as well.
  • To the Best of my knowledge and as per the Feedback received by our PM himself, majority of the people Welcome the initiative as they are convinced with the good intention and long term Benefits for the Country as a whole.
  • A section of people however feel that the Deaths and inconvenience could have been avoided or minimized with better planning. Lack of cash supply in Smaller Denominations, especially in a Country like ours is bound to have telling impact on the day to day functioning of Life of Common man besides affecting the Economic Development & Survival as well.
  • The Govt’s plight is also quite understandable. Taking a major step like this for a Country of our size is not so easy, keeping the matter so confidential !
  • Demonetisation is a war against Black Money. Many of us have not witnessed the Freedom Struggle, but may be aware of the enormous challenges faced by our people for years & years. Compared to that, our sufferings are only minimal. After all, this is also a type of Freedom Struggle only !
  • I had undergone a By-pass surgery 5 years back to remove my Five Blocks in the heart. With Medication & Treatment I had to bear the pains & discomfort for over 2 months. Once I got cured, I could feel the pleasure of increased Blood Flow leading to better health.
  • Likewise, this is also a type of Surgery. Here the Blocks have been created not by cholesterol but by Black Money, Corruption, Fake Currency, Terrorist activities, Scams etc. No Pain, No Gain !
  • Further, our P.M. is also keen to Transform our Economy through Digital Banking for preventing Tax evasions to a large extent. This will also be very helpful for Business people & industrialists in various ways. I am glad the Transformation process has already begun in Full swing !
  • Any change is bound to meet with lot of resistance initially. This happened in our Bank (IOB) also, while we started introducing computerization in the 1990s. Now we find computerization is the backbone for the Banking industry ! Hence it is high time for us to fall in line with such changes.
  • Parukkulle Nalla Nadu, Nam Bharatha Nadu” so said Bharathiyar with Pride & Vision! We have extraordinary Talents, immense potential & very great Heritage as well for Topping the world.
  • Unfortunately due to lack of proper leadership & effective governance our progress has been very slow so far compared to various Countries including China.
  • Over the past 70 years Corruption and Black money have become part & parcel of our Life. It is an open fact that in Real Estates, the Transactions invariably used to be a mix of white & Black money. People from all walks of life especially Politicians, Industrialists, Bureaucrats, Cine Artists, Professionals & Others have been amassing wealth without any fear whatsoever! In the process Rich have been becoming Richer & Richer while Poor ones have been becoming Poorer & Poorer!
  • Our Country known for Rama Rajya once had been following Dharmic principles setting an example for others. But situation has got totally changed now. Without Corruption nothing could move in any Govt Dept. No State is an Exception for this! What a Shame !
  • Most of the people who have been witnessing this, were not able to do anything much, except cursing the Corrupt people, the Nation and Fate as a whole. They were just longing & praying for some “Vidivukalam”!
  • It is in this Scenario, Modi has taken a marvelous revolutionary step without even minding political falls if any! I honestly feel he is also an avatar as declared by Lord Krishna in Maha Bharatha for eradicating Adharma & reinstating Dharma! (Sambavami yuke yuke!)
  • In one stroke, he has emerged as the slayer of Black Money bogey which the World Bank had estimated around 25% of GDP some years back.
  • There is enormous fake currency which is smuggled into the Country to Finance Terrorism. Terror sponsors including Naxalite will now become Moneyless and powerless. (Already we are able to witness the impact)
  • Tax evaders will now be under pressure to join the Formal economy & pay their taxes duly to the Govt as there will be no much alternatives for them!
  • Though there may be a setback in the Economy including Real Estate Sector initially for some time, It is bound to bounce back at the earliest, once things start settling down.
  • As rightly pointed out by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Kudos to him!). Modi is riding on a Tiger. He is Courageous, Confident & capable of Taming the Tiger at the earliest with all his commitment and Iron will like Sardar Vallabhai Patel ! I am extremely happy that people are also by and large confident of his success!
  • As called upon by our P.M., Everyone of us have got a role to play in this war. Apart from praying for the victory, let us make it a point to spread a positive image about the Mission in whatever way possible. I feel it is the duty of one and all to extend our Moral support, besides facing the hardship with little more patience.
  • Demonitisation is not the end but only the Beginning. The success of the Mission depends on the further actions to follow against Black Money hoarded in Real Estates & Foreign Banks as well !
  • Above all, Black Money is not just residing in the currencies or other investments. It is residing in the Hearts of people in the form of Greed and Lust. Hence it calls for a change in the Attitude of people for leading Dharmic Life in tune with our conscience. It is said, “Thirudanai Parthu Thirundavittal Thiruttai Ozhikka Mudiyathu”.
  • Bhagwan Baba used to say that everyone is a Trustee for himself and must ensure to earn in righteous manner and spend for right purpose ! What a Golden word !
  • With increased resources, I am quite confident that Govt can undertake lot of welfare measures to improve the living conditions of Down-Trodden people especially in villages who are also our own Brothers & Sisters.
  • Likewise I also feel, substantial attention must be extended to senior citizens through some Special Schemes as they are already suffering a lot with reduction in interest on Term Deposits which is bound to go down further.
  • I am quite hopeful that Govt will come out with radical changes in the Income Tax Act making it less burdensome for everyone, So that people will be too happy to pay the Tax instead of finding ways & means to avoid it! It will be nice if the Income Tax is abolished totally by replacing it with surcharge on all Debit Transactions in Bank Accounts just as Service Tax & Sales Tax is done on Credit Turnovers.
  • There is always a general feeling among the public that whether Income Tax or Loan Recovery by Banks, focus is made more on small defaulters while big ones escape scot free somehow or other. It is time for the Government to change the impression.
  • Recently one Auto driver told me that our Country’s progress can raise upto Himalayan Heights and even further if all our people pay the taxes properly to the Government and added, nothing else is required. I feel the statement has got lot of senses to ponder over.
  • Let us express our sincere sympathies to all those who are undergoing lot of miseries in the process.
  • Let us extend our immense gratitude to the Bank Staff and others who are put into lot of pressure to overcome the situation.
  • Let us also inculcate the values of Honesty & Integrity in the Minds of all Citizens right from Childhood! Let us also set an example for others! Happened is Happened! Let us now focus on solutions rather than lamenting on the pains !
  • Taj Mahal was not built overnight. Every plant takes years to grow. Even mother has to undergo lot of ordeals for 10 months before delivering a child. Hence everything needs some gestation period. In other words it is like a 20:20 Match and It is too early for us to predict the results. So far so good ! I only wish & hope that this one step of Demonitisation will make India jump 100 steps forward.
  • I conclude my write-up with the old popular Tamil song “Oli Mayamaana Yethirkaalam Yen ullatthil Therikirathu…” Let the song become a reality for our Nation under the Dynamic Leadership of our P.M. Modi the Great !

Bharath Matha ki Jai ! Modi Ji ki Jai !

With Kind regards & Best Wishes.

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