Republic Day Highlights !

  • Republic Day is celebrated in India Every Year on 26th January in a very Grand Manner in Delhi & other places as well!
  • It is the Day on which our constitution came into force. It is the largest one with 448 Articles written by Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.
  • Two handwritten copies were prepared, one in English & another in Hindi which were duly signed by all the 308 Members of the Assembly after due deliberations.
  • While Independence Day marks the Birth of Freedom, Republic day lays the foundation for fulfillment of Noble ideals of Equality. Justice & Harmony among all the people of our Nation.
  • Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad became our First President. Earlier Sri. Rajaji was our First Governor General.
  • The Celebration includes colourful & spectacular Parade, Flag Hoisting, March Past by Soldiers, Police and NCC cadets with Display of Military Strength. Social Cultural Technological Developments are also displayed suitably by different States. Wrath is placed by our Prime Minister at Amarjyoti as a mark of respect to soldiers. Paramveer Awards and Padma Awards are given for outstanding Personalities in different Fields and youth participate in larger numbers, pinning the National Flag in their dresses with love and Enthusiasm. The celebration closes on 29th Jan.
  • Our National Flag consists of Three colours. The Top Band is Saffron colour and it indicates the Strength, Courage & Sacrifice. The White in the middle indicates Peace & Truth. The last band Green denotes fertility, growth & auspiciousness of the land. Asoka wheel signifies the importance of Dharma in rule of law. The ratio of the Flag from width to length is 2:3. There are 9 standard sizes of Flags to suit the different needs.
  • Playing of National Anthem with due respect by standing is now made compulsory in cine Theatres also by Supreme Court which is a welcome step!
  • On my part, I always make it a point to participate in Republic Day & Independence day functions organized by Uratha Sindhanai Organisation and have the pleasure of addressing the audience, besides saluting the Flag & rendering patriotic songs of Bharathiyar.
  • Let us recall the glorious sacrifices made by Thousands of People in the Freedom Struggle and also in building up our Nation to this level right from Mahathma Gandhi. Sardar Vallabhai Patel needs a special mention for his vital role in unifying our country with iron will.
  • Let us be proud of being an Indian & Be patriotic to the core Always! Let us also further inculcate patriotic awareness among the youth by making them to see Movies like Kappalottiya Thamizhan, Veerapandiya Kattabomman, Naamiruvar, Bharathi etc.

Happy Republic Day Greetings to you All.

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