A Golden Opportunity for extending Sponsorship
for the “Swayamvara Yagna”

We refer our last Message 85 dt: 14/06/17 explaining in detail about our Swayamvaram to be held at Kamadhenu Kalyana Mandapam on 8th, 9th & 23rd July 2017.

I am glad that the response is quite overwhelming. We will be allotting the Advance Booking Number in due course to all those who have responded so far. Those who have not confirmed so far, are advised to do so immediately by SMS or Email. For the benefit of our clients we offer the following clarifications once again.

  1. Participation by Boy or Girl is only optional and preferable and not a must. Parents or even Relatives can represent.
  2. The Entry Form will have to be submitted at the counter only when attending. Likewise the Entry Fee also must be paid there only.
  3. Wherever the profiles have fallen due. Renewal must be done before hand.
  4. The presentation of data will be made keeping the Boy/Girl/Parents before the stage, based on which interested people may express their choice on the spot or later by noting down ID Number.
  5. For the Benefit of our clients who are unable to participate the entire Video Coverage will be displayed in our Web & Youtube at the earliest.
  6. Minimum income stipulation of Rs.40,000/- is made only due to practical administrative reasons and to avoid embarrassment. We always advise the Bride side not to go by income alone while choosing the alliance but take into account other factors like assets, character, Heritage etc.
  7. I am glad that most of our clients have applauded our effort & consented to pay the Entry fee considering it as nominal & reasonable.
  8. I am also very much delighted that some of our clients have expressed their eagerness to contribute more by way of sponsorship & sought our concurrence for the same.
  9. We have conducted more than 30 Swayamvaram Events so far all on a single day, accommodating all the three segments of Iyers, Iyengars & Other Brahmins. As a matter of principle, we have neither appealed nor accepted any amount as sponsorship from our clients. Even when marriages are settled, we take the opportunity of Visiting & Blessing the couple without any Expectations. But this time, in view of the large demand, we thought it fit to do the programme in 3 days instead of on a single day, to do more justification. We expect around 1000 persons to participate on each day. The total expenditure for the entire programme is likely to exceed 12 Lakhs including Mandapam, Caterings, Videos etc.
  10.  Recently on 21-5-2017 we organized a Swayamvaram for Differently Abled people along with launching of our Exclusive website for them ( in a Grand manner at the same venue bearing the entire cost by ourselves. (The detailed report on the Event is being sent separately for your information) Now that, some of our clients have volunteered to come forward to participate by way of “Sponsorship” we thought it fit to provide a “Golden Opportunity” to them, to involve themselves in the Swayamvara Yagna leading to lot of marriages.

Details of sponsorship are as follows :

  1. Minimum sponsorship amount is fixed at Rs.5000/- (You will agree compared to the marriage expenses, it is only very nominal)
  2. The sponsors will be duly introduced & honoured at the stage on that day.
  3. The profile details of sponsoring Boy/Girl will be presented before the audience on priority basis. (of course, everyone is a VIP for us!)
  4. The profiles of the sponsors will be projected in our “Featured Profile Scheme” for 3 Months freely.
  5. Entry fee of Rs.500/- (applicable for Iyer boys) need not be paid separately.

We make it clear that we don’t mind bearing the entire expenses this time also as per our practice as we deem it as our Pleasure & Privilege to do such events in the interest of our clients. At the same time, we will be very happy, if many of you can come forward to participate in the “Yagna” by way of sponsorship, which will go a long way in strengthening our Hands and motivating us further. I am sure you will !

Needless to say, by becoming a sponsor, your image is bound to get boosted up before the audience & our Organisation besides enhancing your self-esteem through self-satisfaction. The sponsorship can also be extended by persons who are not inclined or unable to participate in person in the event due to one reason or other. If they so wish we can ourself present the details of profile on their behalf also, before the audience.

As Valluvar says in the kural “Eethuvakkum Inbam…… the real happiness lies in giving & giving only which can only be experienced and not explained. Those who want to join in the “Yagna” are welcome to make the sponsorship payment by Cheque or DD favouring Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials or through NEFT (Not Payment Gateway) or by cash quoting the Registration Number & Name without fail.

Thanking you in Advance & with Kind Regards & Best Wishes


P.S. : There is a change in the Programme Timings on 23rd July as follows.
9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. – For Telugu & Other Brahmins
2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. – For Iyengars