Our Hearty Tributes to
Poojya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya Swamigal
of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham
(18-7-1935 – 28-2-2018)

Pranams & Greetings to you ! Sri Gurubyo Namaha! Guru assumes a very significant Role in our Life! His Blessings are invoked always and more so in Wedding Invitations without fail. His leaving the Body & attaining the siddhi at the age of 83, on 28-2-2018 has left us all in Great Shock & Grief. It is Time for us to recall his glories at a Glance!


He was born on 18-7-1935 at Irulneeki Village, Tiruvarur District erstwhile Tanjore District, to Sri Mahadeva Iyer and Smt. Saraswathi Ammal in a simple and Traditional Tamil Brahmin Family and was named as Subramanyam.


He was inducted as Junior Pontiff of the Peetham on 22-3-1954 when he was 19 years old, by Maha Periyava Sri. Chandra Shekarendra Swamigal, whom he succeeded from 1994, as 69th Peethadipathi.

Spiritual Role:

Along with his Guru he Travelled the Length and Breadth of the Country many a Times to preserve and propogate our Great Sanathana Dharma. He visited Manasarovar & Kailash in 1998 and became the only Sankaracharya to do so after Adisankara. He also availed the opportunity to install the Idol of Adisankara there. He has also visited Nepal many a times. Helped in restoration of Thousands of Temples besides performing the Kumbabishegam of very many. Gave invaluable lectures almost daily on our Dharma & rendered lot of assistance for Promoting & Preserving Vedas through Vedapada salas. The list goes on…

Social Activities:

Apart from extending spiritual Discourses, he also got involved himself in various Social Welfare activities focusing on Poor & Downtrodden including the Scheduled Castes. That was a great uniqueness in his approach! He was keen to bring down the trend of conversion of Hindus by rectifying the causes rather than fighting with other Religions.

During his Tenure, Mutt started and developed several Schools, Colleges, Hospitals & Eye clinics where the services are extended freely or at Nominal charges. (Eg. Sankara Group of Schools , Sankara Nethralaya etc.)

He ensured Direct contact with people from all walks of Life right from common people to Presidents and Prime Ministers, and involved actively in conversations rather than contemplations. He did not hesitate to come out with his frank views on Major issues affecting our Country & people. Almost all leading political leaders sought his valuable guidance and advice wherever needed. In that way he was a great Raja Guru also! His Efforts in the Ayodhya Dispute during the Tenure of Sri Vajpayee as P.M was applauded by everyone. Former President Abdul Kalam had special regard for him and took his blessings personally, by visiting the Mutt before assuming charge as President. He also launched several movements besides various Charitable Institutions including Jana kalyan & Jana Jagran etc. for promoting social causes.

Arrest & Acquittal:

None can conquer the fate & it is equally applicable to Acharyas too. Unfortunately he got arrested in 2004 in connection with Sankararaman Case. He came out on bail in 2005, and got ultimately acquitted in 2013. We are in search for words to describe the ordeals, pains & shocks undergone by him and his devotees during the Testing period.


Life is a Journey & it has to come to an end one day or other! For him the day for Siddhi happened on 28-2-2018. Though ailing for some time the end was absolutely peaceful & sudden. He got interred in Samadhi in the Mutt itself adjacent to his Guru, referred to as Brindavan or Adhishtanam. The Grand Aradhana is taking place on 13.3.2018.

Lakhs of people irrespective of Caste & Religion paid their Homage with Heavy Hearts and Tearful Eyes. Tributes started pouring in from all over the Country including the President & Prime Minister. The Final rites were telecasted with Live relay by many of the leading TV channels for the benefit of one & all. All the Formalities as per Tradition were carried out systematically under the guidance of his Successor Jagadguru Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal.

My Experience:

Right from the start we carried the Blessings of the Mutt, Our Organisation being named as Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials. As HRD Trainer, I had the privilege of addressing the students of various schools focusing on Personality Development & Examination Tips in his presence. After my Talk, he used to bless the students with Prasadams to boost up their confidence & Bhakthi cult. I could visibly feel his Cheers & Ecstasy in participating in such events. I also had the fortune of addressing a few more Meetings for Doctors, Senior Citizens etc, inside the Mutt & outside. He used to call me as “Trainer” with a pleasant look and smile, which I can never forget!


He is a Guru with a difference and a Noble soul of Excellence with great vision and mission. Let us salute his Feet for their Tireless Travellings, His Hands for extending the Prasadams with Blessings, His Eyes for flashing the Arul Kadaksham, His Tongue & Mouth for the innumerable preaching & counseling and above all both his Ears for listening patiently to the Grievances of hundred of Devotees almost Every day.

Every person & Every Guru is unique in their own ways! Like that he too was different in his focus & priorities! His proficiency in various languages including Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit and English was astonishing to everyone! To synchronise with his Birth place of “Irulneeki” he enlightened us all with practical Wisdom, Bhakthi & Service!

In short he is a Thiruveni Sangamam of Karma Yoga, Gnana Yoga & Bhathi Yoga! We are proud of him in many ways!

Long Live his Memories! Long Live his Fame! Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara!

With Prayers

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