• Just as Education, Employment & Health Care Timely Marriage is also essential in the interest of families & society as well!
  • It results in streamlining the Family life & begetting children, besides giving Protection, Social Status and committed companionship for mutual support!
  • In earlier days it was a simple affair as the alliances were fixed within relations and known sources. Decision was also taken mainly by parents with due importance for practical aspects. The Life was quite smooth & happy and Divorces were very rare!
  • But of Late, we find, the situation is totally changed ! Marriage has become a challenging task for everyone and more so for boys leading to enormous Anxiety & Frustration!
  • The reason for the delay can be many including shortage of Brides, Too much of Filterations based on Photos & Expectations, Delayed Start, Inability of parents to cope up with Technology & Communication skill, indecisiveness, lack of proper efforts and so on!
  • Apart from the above factors, in my humble experience of over 25 years, sticking on to Star & Horoscope matching is the main culprit for the delay!
  • I have been repeatedly appealing to people to bid Good Bye to Star & Horoscope matching & instead focus on Jodi Porutham, Mana Porutham (Likes, Dislikes, Culture, Language, Belief, Goals etc.), Kudumba Porutham (Heritage, Status etc) and above all Guna Porutham (Qualities of the Boy/Girl)
  • But unfortunately many people are yet to change their Mind-set! Persons who have duly followed my suggestions & appeals have got their marriages settled even within a Day! On the other hand those who have been sticking on to Horoscope Matchings, have dropped many of the Good Alliances and are now regretting & lamenting over their foolishness !
  • I have already flashed my various reasonings for my argument in our web itself. Horoscope Matching is not a guarantee for success at all ! No Two Astrologers can ever agree with each other as their attitude, focus & priorities are bound to differ! It is not prescribed as a requirement in any Sastras also and the practice is of recent origin only !
  • The present pathetic situation is as follows! Out of say 100 alliances selected on the basis of Biodata & Photos for a Girl, 25 will get rejected by her parents on the basis of stars. Likewise, another 25 will be rejected by the Boys’ parents on taking up the matter with them as their list of preferred stars is bound to differ with that of the Girls’ side. Out of the remaining 50, Astrologer of the Girls’ side will reject 25 and may approve 25. But unfortunately all such 25 alliances will be rejected by Grooms’ side. Astrologer thereby making the balance to Nil. The process of selection will restart again and the hunt for alliance will go on & on!
  • While we are taking enormous efforts and pains for procuring and giving hundreds of alliances every month for a Nominal Tariff, is it proper & fair on your part to throw away all the precious alliances in waste paper baskets, based on your False Belief ? Don’t you think you are answerable to the God Almighty one day or other for the Sins committed by you in delaying the Marriage of your beloved son or daughter just because of your unwarranted belief system? Please ponder over!
  • Likewise, rejecting some stars such as Ayilyam & Moolam as untouchables is still more ridiculous & unpardonable! It is high time that we start accepting all stars with open mind without any reservations whatsoever!
  • Please note these are not my personal views. Acharyals of Kanchi and Sringeri Mutts also agree with my views and are keen on ensuring Timely marriages within our Brahmin Community!
  • I fervently appeal to you once again with folded hands to look into the matter seriously, reconsider your stand and say Good Bye to Star & Horoscope Matching once for all with firm conviction and not half-heartedly.
  • Choosing a proper alliance is an important decision in our Life. Hence let us be logical & practical in our approach instead of being sentimental based on False Belief!
  • I always believe in practicing things before preaching others! While seeking alliance for my daughter 5 years back, I had made it clear in her profile that we are not for horoscope or star matching. By God’s grace she is happily settled in her married life & having a male child also adding much more to my happiness as Grand Father!
  • Likewise, recently while projecting my son’s profile also (P. Sai Krishnan ID No.164570). I have followed the same stand. In fact we have expressed our willingness for `Thanikudithanam’ also reflecting our Flexible approach!
  • In most of the Divorce cases happening in our community today, I understand majority of the marriages have been performed only after due matchings by eminent Astrologers. Can we hold the Astrologers responsible for the failure in any manner? Do they have any accountability ? Certainly Not !
  • To conclude, I can only say, my blood is simply boiling over the issue and I am practically in search for words to express my agony and anguish! I have no doubt that parents and Astrologers are only mainly responsible for the delay in Marriages leading to the sorry state of affairs!
  • I am absolutely confident that many marriages can take place at the earliest if only the parents come out of the “Cage of False Belief” & start taking responsibility for their decisions instead of relying on the `Ticks and Marks’ from one Astrologer or other just out of fear of ridicule!
  • Based on my repeated appeals through E-messages, Swayamvarams & TV Episodes, I am glad that around 1000 clients have already responded positively for my Clarian calls. Their list is duly furnished in our web and I express my sincere cheers to them!
  • I call upon others also to join the list and support the Movement in the interest of one and all for early & successful marriages. I am sure you will! We await your response eagerly!
  • In my view majority of our Boys and Girls are quite nice and smart. They are well talented, Carry High values for our culture and want to get married within our Community with the blessings of parents. They also have abundant Trust in arranged marriages. Let us not spoil their aspirations by causing unwarranted delays which may even result in their going for inter-caste Marriages also!

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