• Time & Again we have been stressing upon the need for sending prompt reply whenever people approach you for seeking alliance of your Daughter/Son.
  • But unfortunately we find this fundamental “Basic Courtesy” is not at all being followed by many of our clients in general & Girls’ side in particular.
  • Needless to say this causes unwarranted suspense resulting in lot of agony and anxiety. We are very much pained over this undesirable attitude. It is high time for us to ponder over the matter seriously!
  • As and when you decide to choose a proper alliance for your Son/Daughter after getting their concurrence, you start projecting the profile in our website with all the relevant Details, Expectations & Photos by way of advertisement.
  • Based on the projection you are likely to get responses immediately and also over a period of time. The number of responses is bound to differ from case to case depending on various factors.
  • Likewise it is also advisable for you to contact the other parties and express your interest instead of just waiting for calls from other parties.
  • Whether we get the responses from others or we initiate the process, it is essential that we make a proper recording of all such details in a separate Note Book to be kept for this purpose and note down the details of ID Number, Names, Date of Call, Name of the Person contacted etc., sufficient space can be kept for recording further developments or separate folios can be allotted for each alliance with indexing.
  • While some proposals, not matching with our expectations can be rejected outright in respect of some other proposals we may be needing further Data & Time for Horoscope matching consultation etc, (Of course I am 200% clear it is a False belief!)
  • You may convey the rejection politely to the other party over phone / sms / Email as promptly as possible. The message can be as follows. “Dear Sir/Madam, we are very much Thankful for the interest evinced by you on the alliance of my Son/Daughter ……. ID Number …….. for your Son/Daughter ……… However we are unable to proceed further. Kindly Excuse. With Best Wishes & Regards …… (Father)
  • Simultaneously you can make a remark about the rejection with Date in your Not Book. The reason for the rejection can also be noted for your reference (Like Star, Income, Photo, Place, Ht etc)
  • While sending the communication, it is not necessary that you should furnish the reasons (very often people put the blame on Astrologer, which may be True or False!)
  • For alliances for which you need more time to decide, you can communicate suitably assuring them to revert back at the earliest.
  • Even while you decide to go ahead fully for any proposal it is better to avoid giving too much of hope at the initial stage itself.
  • When the other parties are keen to secure your alliance, it is wiser on your part to grab the opportunity and keep the ball rolling. Any unwarranted silence or delay may dampen their spirit and result in losing the alliance once for all even it you approach them later ! (Aarina kanji Pazhankanji ! Strike the iron while it is hot!)
  • Once you are satisfied with Basic Data, there is no point in retracing once again and getting confused. For instance if you are keen on Horoscope matching, better you get it done at the initial stage itself. Likewise there is no point in giving excuses relating to siblings, own house etc, at the last stage and start withdrawing!
  • Matters on which you need further clarification can better be enlisted for cogency & clarity. Instead of relying on SMS or Email it is better to meet and discuss in person to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Whatever be the mode of communication. It should always carry the fragrance of courtesy, politeness and Love. Also under any circumstances we need not enter into arguments and quarrels on petty issues.
  • In my Experience, in many cases the Boys and Girls may be very smart and nice and be a good match for each other! But unfortunately the alliances get dropped because of the mishandling by parents!
  • In most of the cases the alliance matters are generally handled by Mothers only. I feel there is nothing wrong if they are capable. But it is preferable that Father also comes into the picture especially if desired by the other parties.
  • It is but proper that we disclose all vital information in the Bio data itself. Certain sensitive or embarrassing information like EMI etc can be conveyed to the concerned people individually at the appropriate stage. Any suppression may lead to Divorce at a later stage!
  • Likewise in respect of Height, Weight etc it is better to give the correct ones instead of being approximate as it becomes an essential factor for selection.
  • While selecting the profiles we have to exercise sufficient care to ensure that the Biodata of both are matching with each other in respect of the age, height, income etc, to avoid unwarranted embarrassment for the other party.
  • In spite of our above appeals it is still possible that you may not get responses in some cases. In such cases, I suggest our clients to ignore the alliances and proceed with next ones.
  • Henceforth I do hope all our clients will resolve themselves to ensure prompt responses if not done so far ! Life is Hope !
    Hope is Life !

With Best wishes & Kind regards,

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