Happy Deepavali Greetings !

Dear Clients,

Pranams and Greetings to you !

Think of Deepavali ! Think of Sweets, Crackers, New Dresses, Ganga Snanam, Pattimandram, New Films and so on ! Every Festival has its own unique Significance & Charm and so too is Deepavali ! It is probably the most popular Festival celebrated in most part of our Country & Abroad as well ! It is said to be the Day to recollect the memories of Demon Narahasura (Son of Bhooma Devi & Varahamurthi) who was conquered by Lord Krishna & Sathyabhama. Taking oil bath before sunrise is believed to be very auspicious on the Day. It is learnt that Goddess Mahalakshmi is present on the Gingelly Oil and Ganga Devi is present in the hot water on the Day. It is also a Day to make special worship for Goddess Mahalakshmi & Gubera! People also undertake Gowri Vratham on the Day.

Though the Festival runs back to centuries, the way of celebration may differ from place to place, person to person and also Time to Time !

On my part, I will be celebrating the occasion (along with Members of Urathasindhanai Association) on 04/11/2018 at Sri Matha Trust, Adyar who provide Free Shelter and Food for Cancer Patients and their Attendants.

I basically believe Life must be always celebrative and Festivals are only periodical reminders ! I also strongly feel Real Happiness is only giving Happiness to others !

It is said that everyone of us do carry lot of virtues and negative qualities as well such as Anger, Greet, Ego, Selfishness & Hatred etc. The Noble Qualities can be compared to Godliness and the negative ones are Devilish. Hence Like Lord Krishna, let us take a Special resolve on the Day to destroy our Devilish Qualities one by one !

Let the Festival of lights bring us all more and more awareness and enlightenment on the True purpose of Life !

Let us avoid wasting more & more money on luxuries including crackers, sweets, Textiles etc. Instead let us channelize the same for helping the poor & deserving directly or through Welfare House ! Let us visit the nearby Temples on the Day and also seek the Blessings of Elders in person or over phone besides Greeting one and all !

I extend my warmest greetings to all our clients for a Pleasant, Prosperous & Joyful Deepavali. With the Blessings of God, let the next year be a Thalai Deepavali for one and all !

With Kind Regards & Best Wishes,

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