Udavikkaram Award For Service To Differently Abled

Dear Clients,

  • I am delighted to share with you that I have been bestowed with “Udavikkaram Vazhnal Sadhanaiyalar Award” by Tamil Nadu Udavikkaram Welfare Association for Differently Abled functioning at Ashok Nagar, (Web : at their State Conference held on Feb. 23, 24 at Dr. MGR Janaki Arts & Science College for Women, R.A.Puram, Chennai.
  • The Award was presented by Hon. Minister for Transports Thiru. M.R. Vijaya Bhaskar and Hon. M.L.A (Mylapore) Thiru R. Natraj, Hon. Social Welfare Minister Dr.V. Saroja and Hon. M.P. Dr. J. Jayavardhan were also present.
  • I understand the Award was in recognition of my services in the following fields :

    a) For my active involvement in the activities of the Association for over 20 years as Advisor.
    b) For Promoting an Exclusive Website ( for the Marriages of Differently Abled & Those who wish to Marry them.
    c) For being instrumental for more than 1 lakh marriages for Normal persons (Through &
    d) For conducting Free programs on Self-Development & values for students in Hundreds of Schools & Colleges.

  • Since I am always highly Self-motivated the Awards have got little significance to me as a source of motivation. Neither I get elated with praise nor get hurt by criticisms! Nevertheless I accept the Award with all Humbleness as a reminder to do much more!
  • There are countless people who are contributing for the Welfare of our Society to a very large extent & compared to them, I am Nothing ! May be a Doctor or Driver, Teacher or a priest, Scientist or a Sweeper, Jawan or a Collector!
  • Serving the Society without any Expectation or Reward is a source of not only abundant joy but our duty as well! It also leads to enormous enhancement in our self-esteem leading to more Self Confidence.
  • Being a person with minor polio since my childhood, I always carry special sympathy for the welfare of our Differently Abled Community!
  • Looking at the Differently Abled who may be visually impaired, hearing impaired, mentally retarded or ortho affected, I weep in my Heart! While comparing with them, I feel extremely fortunate and thank God for His Blessings! All my problems and sadness get vanished in no time.
  • The Udavikkaram Welfare Association is headed by Mr. T.A.P. Varadakutty, a leading Auditor who cannot walk due to polio in both legs. But he is doing excellent service with extraordinary self-confidence and will power. He is a Role Model for the entire Team in many ways! Besides running a monthly magazine, the Association also organizes weekly Meets every Saturday for redressal of Grievances. They organize various special events also.
  • I used to wonder as to how Differently Abled persons are very often happier and better placed in Life than the normal persons in many ways! May be because Disability in Mind (Mana Oonam) is worse than Physical Disability (Udal Oonam) we have to learn a lot from them.
  • Whatever said and done, the pleasure which I derive in getting people Married and Greeting them in person is something Unique and Incomparable with any award. I pray God to continue to give me this Joy for Ever and Ever !
  • With all your good wishes and Blessings, I am confident of making my life still more useful and purposeful in the years to come!

With Kind Regards & Best Wishes,

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