Modi the Great !

Dear Clients,

  • The much awaited Elections have come! It is a Time for us to cast our Valuable Vote without fail & select a proper party for governing us in the interest of our Nation as a Whole ! In this context I Thought it fit to share some of my thoughts on the subject !
  • I honestly feel that we have been extremely fortunate to have Modi as our beloved Prime Minister. During his Tenure, our Country has seen enormous growth & progress in various vital areas including Education, Health care, Cleanliness, Electricity & Gas Connections, Housing, Tax Reforms, Control over Black money & corruption, Defense, Space Research, Industrial Growth, Rural Development etc, etc, about which all of us are well aware! May be some areas still deserve more attention which I am sure will be taken care of !
  • It is no wonder that our Country’s image has risen up many fold during his Tenure with his untiring Visits. Terrorist activities and law & order situation is now kept well under control. Pakistan has been put on strict warning against any attacks in future.
  • As a Trainer in HR & Leadership, I have great admiration for his various Leadership Qualities including oratory, Decision Making, Courage, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Patriotism, Optimism, Intelligence, Grasp etc. He is a great visionary! His Honesty, Integrity, Simplicity and Immense Faith in God are simply marvelous. In short he is a Role Model for a Leader!
  • Ours is a glorious Country with a rich Heritage. The various resources including manpower are quite enormous with which we can do wonders and wonders. Mahakavi Bharathiyar has beautifully described this with pride in his popular poem starting with “Mannum Imayamalai yengal malaye”.
  • During his Tenure, Modiji has created a great momentum for a marvelous growth & prosperity of our Nation. Hence it is but fair and proper that we give him another tenure to take our Country to further heights !
  • This Election also poses a major question for all of us as to whether we are going to prefer a single party Ruling or Coalition Govt. Every one of us are well aware of the Evils of coalition Govt about which we have enough bitter experience. In the present context, BJP is the only party which is likely to win maximum number of seats. Hence it is preferable to give them a clear majority instead of making them depend upon support from other parties, leading to instability & confusions !
  • Coming to the Scenario in Tamilnadu it is good that BJP & AIADMK have aligned together with common priorities in various issues. DMK has strong connections with their mentor party DK founded by Periyar who are well known for their Anti Hindu, Anti Brahmin, Anti God and Anti Heritage activities since long. Of late some of their utterances on Lord Krishna (as womanizer) has hurt the sentiments of crores of Hindus. Earlier there was some similar attack on Andal too (as Devadasi) Such utterances do take place almost periodically !
  • It is strange that DMK leader has not come out condemning such statements so far! On the other hand he has added further fuel to the fire by his unwarranted remarks ridiculing the Hindu Rituals of Agni & Vedic Mantras in Marriage ceremonies that too while addressing in a Marriage Function of Muslim community!
  • Lord Krishna is unique in many ways ! He is an Avatar ! Every male child in Hindu Family is considered as Lord Krishna Himself ! For parents without child, he is their child ! His Bhagavad Gita is a world renowned, Sacred Book on which Oaths are taken in Court ! In Hare Krishna Movement, He is the only Universal God ! Millions of people worship Him through Radha Kalyana Bhajans and Bhagawatha Upanyasams. Yadavas consider Him as their Forefather! He is a symbol of True Love and Inspiration as well !

    I also recall some of the Old Cine Songs on Lord Krishna which are memorable forever !
    Brindavanamum Nandakumaranum….
    Neela Vanna Kanna Vada…
    Kannan Vandan Inge Kannan Vandan…
    Anandam Paramanandam….
    Yengirindho Vandhan Idaijathi Nanendran…
    The List goes on…
    Above all Bharathiyar was able to see Lord Krishna in the Feathers of Crow itself (Kakkai Chiraginela Nandalala…)
    These being so, we can only pity them for their ignorance and idiotic comments!

  • Hindus in general & Brahmins in particular are always very pious & Tolerant to the core out of their Magnanimity. But unfortunately it is being mistaken as their cowardice ! I am glad that many people & Organizations are now-a-days coming out openly to express their anguish. It is a Welcome Trend! Bharathi advocated this approach and felt it is the duty of everyone to express their protest in the interest of social cause by practicing Rowdhram ! We need not be too “adventurous”. At the same time we cannot be indifferent also! Now there is a Golden Opportunity to express our resentment through our Voting.
  • Yes! Let us resolve to cast our valuable votes only to the party which upholds our Tradition, Values, Culture & Heritage besides ensuring a bright future for our Nation in all respects ! The choice can be none other than BJP only.
  • I am sure almost all of you are having the same wave length and will be voting accordingly. I appeal to you to spread our thoughts also to as many people as possible since each Vote Counts a lot ! You may probably circulate the message such as “I am for Modi, Hope you Too, Ensure others as well” etc.
  • I had the opportunity of addressing a huge gathering at Sevalaya Trust at Thirunindravoor some time back in connection with Bharathi Vizha presided over by Hon. Central Minister Thiru. Pon. Radhakrishnan. I was very much impressed by his simplicity and speech as well. During my address I described Modi as our 11th Avatar which was well applauded by many. Yes, I have no doubt he is an Avatar as envisaged in our sacred Bhagavat Geetha for destroying Adharma & establishing Dharma like in Rama Rajya!

Let us also extend our sincere prayers for ensuring a Thumping majority for BJP & their Allies in the over all interest of our beloved Country and the people as well !

Long Live Modiji ! Bharath Matha ki Jai !

With Kind Regards & Best Wishes,

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